HKUGA Primary School Recent Events
1. Love & Caring Day – 28 April 2018

Love and Caring Day of the Primary School was successfully held on 28 April! Though the weather was not very stable that morning, our enthusiasm had never been lost. All students, parents and teachers, in more than 300 participants, set off right after the opening ceremony. We visited 9 NGOs in Chai Wan neighborhood and we had a great time with the elderly or other members in the NGO. Representatives from all groups shared how they felt after the visit. After that, our students expressed their love to their parents.

2. Egg Mission Activity – 13 April 2018

P3 students took part in Egg Mission Activity to have a taste of what being a parent is like. The aim of the activity is to raise students' awareness: Taking care of something requires lots of planning, attention and care. To mimic the fragility of a newborn animal, students carried a raw chicken egg with them at all times for two weeks. Whether they were having recess or shuffling to different classrooms, their eggs were with them. Students designed and made their own egg-carrying protective device by up-cycling recyclable materials. There were tears of joy and sadness within this fortnight; most students' eggs survived while some succumbed to accidents. In the end, students enjoyed the activity and learned a valuable lesson.

3. Caring Angels – 9 March 2018

In the six months since the Caring Angel Scheme has been launched at the Primary School, the P1 students have gradually assimilated into the new school environment under the guidance given by their caring angels. The collective games held in March has further strengthened their collaborations and established their connection more closely. They devoted themselves entirely to playing games and had an enjoyable time.