1. Mid-Autumn Festival Riddle – 20 September 2018

To foster a stronger Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere and strengthen students’ awareness of the culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival riddles, The Primary School held a guessing riddle on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival for students to dip into the culture. All students were welcomed to create the riddles while senior students were invited to serve as helpers to check the answers for the participants on the riddle day to allow more student interactions. The performance of student guessing ability was linked to the results of the inter-house achievement. The vibrant surrounding and fervid students engulfed the covered playground completely.

2. Cambridge Learning Trip – 29 July to 11 August 2018

The 2-week unique Cambridge journey last summer for the 37 students was fruitful. The daily history, art, science and literature lessons as well as the tour around some parts of Britain definitely enhanced students’ knowledge. This is especially true for the punting in Cambridge, a must do activity for every Cambridge visitor. The visit to the Harry Potter Studio, Whipsnade Zoo, Swaffham Wind Turbine, to name but a few, helped broaden the horizon.

3. 2017-18 Integrated Arts Annual Performance – 11 July 2018

To help promote the Primary School’s Positive Education from school to families and from classrooms to society, three classic stories - Three Little Pigs, the Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf of Zhong Shan - were combined as plot for the Integrated Arts Performance. Big Bad Wolf is the villain, Three Little Pigs turn into blood-sucking landlords and Mr. Dong Guo turns into a fraud. In the course, the Big Bad Wolf is forced to find his Character Strengths and eventually adapted a growth Mindset and turned into a nice vegetarian wolf. This fun and earthy story has delivered a better understanding both the terms and ideas such as Character Strengths and Growth Mindset to meet the Primary School’s promotion theme this year.