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2015/16 Life & Career Education Mentorship Project

This is the fourth year of the Life & Career Education Mentorship Project (“LEAP”) for S4 and S5 students. In June, 64 schools that have already participated in the LEAF were invited by the Foundation to join another project, LEAP, that we shall organize in the school year 2015/2016. The LEAP Taskforce went through a selection process to select the following 9 secondary schools to participate in the project:

  • CCC Rotary Secondary School
  • CMA Secondary School
  • Lok Sin Tong Ku Chiu Man Secondary School
  • Ning Po College
  • PHC Wing Kwong College
  • San Wui Commercial Society Secondary School
  • Sheung Shui Government Secondary School
  • SKH Holy Trinity Church Secondary School
  • St. Peter's Secondary School

This project aims to enable students to learn, through direct dialogue in groups with mentors, from their mentors’ personal experience, understand better attitudes and ethics needed for career development, appropriate workplace culture, and prepare themselves for future careers. It is hoped that the mentors will share with the students their personal experience in setting goals and life direction, making disciplined efforts in self-improvement, finding ways to adapt to and grow with the working environment, as well as their advances along the career paths. Apart from the sharing sessions, workplace visits will be arranged so that these students can observe the real-life work environment and business operations.

The mentors are mainly middle management staff members from the following 7 corporations whose support are highly appreciated:

  • CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
  • Haven of Hope Christian Service
  • Holiday Inn Golden Mile
  • McDonald's Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited
  • MTR Corporation Limited
  • The Hongkong Electric Company Limited
  • Toys“R”Us ( Asia ) Limited

A 3-hour Briefing Session to be conducted by a professional leadership coach will be arranged in November 2015 for all mentors so that they can have a better understanding of the project objectives and approach. Mentors can also learn and share with each other their views on how best to communicate with teens. EF members and Associates will be recruited to act as liaison persons so as to bring these objectives to fruition.

All sharing sessions and workplace visits will be arranged between December 2015 and April 2016. During May and June 2016, after the sharing sessions with their mentors, each student group from the 9 participating schools will share what they have learnt with their fellow students at their school assembly.

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