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Message from Chairman:
Congratulations to HKUGA College and Primary School

14th July, 2016

Dear All, 

Good news to share with you : 

HKUGA Primary School

Our Primary School’s teachers have received the “Award for Teaching Excellence” in Mathematics Education Key Learning Area in the “2015/16 Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence”.  Please click this link http://www.ate.gov.hk/teachingpractice/CEATE1516_Compendium_list_teaching_practices_award_MEKLA_02.pdf to view the details.

HKUGA College

Our College graduates have achieved excellent results in this year's DSE :
1)      Ng Yui Long Aaron got Level 5** in 6 subjects plus Level 5 ** in Mathematics Extended Module Part 2;

2)      Chan Wing Tung Rachel got Level 5** in 5 subjects, Level 5* in 1 subject and Level 5 in 1 subject;  and

3)      Li Nam Hin Dominic got Level 5** in 4 subjects, Level 5* in 2 subjects and Level 5 in 1 subject, and has met the conditional offer to read History at the University of Oxford.  

The good news has been widely reported in the media today.  Please click the following links to view the online news:

 http://news.mingpao.com/ins/instantnews/web_tc/article/20160713/s00001/1468387629651  (Mingpao)

http://goo.gl/7XGWJ2  (香港零一媒體)

http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/realtime/news/20160713/55355020 (Apple Daily)

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the two schools for their great achievements and to thank the Principals and the teachers for their dedication and commitment. 

Warmest regards,

Mabel M.B. LEE

HKUGA Education Foundation

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