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Dinner Talk – 14th December, 2017

Hong Kong University Graduates Association Education Foundation invited Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun Hung, JP, Secretary for Education, to be the guest speaker to give an inspiring presentation on “The Key Challenge about Education in 2018” at its Annual Dinner on 14 December 2017.

Talent is the most important element in Hong Kong’s continued development, and education is the key to nurturing talent. Government expenditure on education is the most meaningful investment for our future development. In 2017-18, recurrent expenditure on education is estimated to be $80.9 billion, accounting for 21.7% of government recurrent expenditure. New education resources covering the whole spectrum of the education system from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, integrated education, special education to post-secondary education, are being launched progressively starting from September 2017.

The Government need to carry out in-depth reviews on eight key areas of education, including professional development of teachers, curriculum arrangement, assessment system, vocational and professional education and training (VPET), self-financing post-secondary education, school-base management, parent education and University Grants Committee (UGC)’s funding on research and student hostels. The Education Bureau (EDB) will set up task forces to take forward the reviews on these various areas.

In response to the concern of HKUGA Education Foundation, the school sponsoring body, on school-based management (SBM), Mr. Yeung stated that a task force on the optimization of SBM Policy has been set up to enhance the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the school sponsoring bodies, incorporated management committees and the EDB. The task force also aims at strengthening administration capabilities of schools and streamlining school administration in order to unleash teachers' capacity for teaching, professional development and exchanges on education policies.

Mr. Yeung concluded that “The Government’s vision for education is to nurture the future generations into quality citizens who are socially responsible and equipped with a sense of our national identity, a love for Hong Kong and an international perspective. We should create a stable, caring, inspiring and satisfying teaching and learning environment for students, teachers, parents and principals.”

Mr. Kevin Yeung delivering his speech Mr. Kevin Yeung accompanied by the current and new ExCo members of EF

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