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Heritage Walk: Central – 22 May, 2011

The Central Heritage Walk was well-attended by 35 participants. It was co-led and narrated by Dr. Joseph Ting and Mr. Jimmy Lo. The tour started from the Legislative Council Building, which was the former Supreme Court, and covered the Statue Square, HSBC building (the 1st City Hall), Battery Path, Court of Final Appeal (previous French Missionary), St. John Cathedral, Central Government Offices, Bishop Hall, and finally lunch at Yung Kee Restaurant.

It was a relaxing weekend stroll in Central, and the participants learnt a lot about the history and stories of these buildings. They were also introduced by the two learned narrators to the following reading references:

  1. HK Historical Stroll (a Chinese book by Dr. Ting published by commercial Press)
  2. Heritage Trails in Urban HK (an English book by Siu Kwok Kin & Sham Sze published by Wan Li Book)
  3. A Century of HK Roads and Street (a collection of excellent photos of early HK up to the 60's)

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