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One day tour to Sha Tau Kok – 4 August 2012

The Sha Tau Kok tour  was co-led and narrated by Dr. Joseph Ting and Mr. Jimmy Lo. It was a great success and highly rated by the 34 participants.  The tour started from the Monument for the victims of WWII, which was built to commemorate the soldiers and residents who were killed by Japanese troops near Wu Kau Tang village. Then, visits were paid to Shan Tsui and Tam Shui Hang villages in Sha Tau Kwok.  

After lunch, the next scenic spot in the tour was Chung Ying Street in Sha Tau Kok. Chung Ying Street lies on the border between Mainland China and Hong Kong.   There were 8 boundary stones on the street to signify the border.  Finally, we paid a visit to the Chung Ying Street Historical Museum. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Curator of Chung Ying Street Historical Museum for taking the time to explain and let us know more about the history of Chung Ying Street and the indigenous population living in the places around there.

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