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Visit EcoPark – 21 September 2013

A tour to the EcoPark was organized for members on 21 September  (Saturday) which was highly rated by the 23 participants.

A guided tour was organized by the EcoPark Visitor Centre. There was a walk-through of the Visitor Centre, with interesting 3-D technology, advanced multimedia design, interactive games and movies demonstrating the importance of environmental protection. Visitors' understanding of municipal solid waste management in Hong Kong and environmental awareness was enhanced.

Then, a special arrangement had been made for the participants to visit St. James' Settlement "WEEE GO GREEN" EcoPark WEEE Recycling Centre and Champway Technology Limited.  These included the first plant to process WEEE (waste electronic and electrical equipment) recovered from local community and the second plant to turn used cooking oil and grease trap waste recovered in HK into biodiesel for use in vehicles/vessels. Finally, we took a vegetarian lunch at Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Wong Chuen Fai for taking the time to share with the participants about the hot issue of environmental protection as well as the latest waste management policy in Hong Kong.


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