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Modern China Series Talk – 22 March 2011

The guest speaker of the sixth talk co-organized by the Education Bureau and the Foundation was Mr. Johnny Y.S. Lau, a well-known commentator on the current affairs of China. The topic of his speech was “Recommendations on enhancing the soft power of China”. The talk was well received and highly rated by over 200 teacher-participants.

Mr. Lau explained the Western concepts of soft power and the perspectives of the Chinese Government.  He then analyzed the current situation and strategy of China’s soft power in economic, political and international affairs, and he remarked that soft power had the most noticeable advances in the development of non-government organizations, the internet and technology in China.

Mr. Lau concluded his speech by sharing his viewpoints and suggestions on the channels and methods to enable students to gain better understanding of China’s newest development.

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