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The Foundation is managed by an elected Executive Committee through its sub-committees and project teams.


Honorary President
Professor Tsui Lap Chee    Former President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Hong Kong
Honorary Advisor
Dr. Leong Che HungFormer Council Chairman, The University of Hong Kong
Professor Cheng Kai MingChair Professor of Education and Master of Robert Black College, The University of Hong Kong
Honorary Legal Advisor
Mr. Chan Wai Kwok, RicoSenior Consultant, Baker McKenzie
Executive Committee (2024 & 2025)

Dr. Ng Hon, Victor


Head of Academy, Data Mindset Academy

Mr. Fung Ho Keung, Andrew

(Vice Chairman)

CEO, Hong Kong Policy Research Institute

Mrs. Lam Fan Kit Fong, Fanny, BBS

(Vice Chairman)

Former Assistant Director, Education Bureau

Dr. Lo Tang Yim Man, Brenda

(Vice Chairman)

Former Principal Curriculum Officer, Education Bureau

Mr. Kiu Wai Fung, Keith

(General Secretary)

General Manager, Superdry Hong Kong

Mr. Leung Ka Yau, Kevin


Managing Director of Dragon Legend Capital Limited
Vice President of HKUGA
Mr. Chan Wai Kwok, RicoSenior Consultant, Baker McKenzie
Mrs. Chan Woo Mei Hou, NancyRetired Principal, King’s College
Dr. Cheung Wah Keung, JackyDirector, Shinhint Industries Limited
Ms. Kam Wai LingFormer chairman of Association for Heads and Headmistresses of Government Primary Schools
Mr. Kan Ka Hon, NormanIndependent Non-Executive Director, Eminence Enterprise Limited & Victory City International Holdings Limited
Ms. Kwok Fung, CarinaConsulting Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Ms. Lai Wai Ha, WinnieDirector, Academic Liaison Office, The University of Hong Kong
Mr. Mak Chai MingAdjunct Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong
Mr. Tai Keen ManVice-Chairman, Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council
Mr. Wong Chuen FaiCivil Servant
Dr. TSE Kam Tim, KennethRetired Executive
Mr. Yip Kam KeungFormer Senior Director - Financial Control, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Adventure-based Life Education (ABLE)Mrs. LAM FAN Kit Fong, Fanny (Convenor) 
Mr. CHEUNG Wah Keung, Jacky (Deputy Convenor)
Mr. TAI Keen Man (Deputy Convenor)
External Affairs (EAF)Mrs. LAM FAN Kit Fong, Fanny (Convenor)
Mr. MAN Cheuk Fei (Deputy Convenor)
Mr. TAI Keen Man (Deputy Convenor)
Finance (FIN)Mr. YIP Kam Keung (Convenor)
Mr. KAN Ka Hon, Norman (Deputy Convenor)
Investment (INV)Mr. KAN Ka Hon, Norman (Convenor)
Mr. LO Pui Leung, Charles (Deputy Convenor)
Membership (MEP)Dr. NG Hon, Victor (Convenor)
Mr. WONG Chuen Fai (Deputy Convenor)
Philosophical Inquiry (PI)Mr. TSANG Kwong Hoi, Patrick (Convenor)
Mr. MAK Chai Ming (Deputy Convenor)
School Affairs (SAF)Dr. TSE Kam Tim, Kenneth (Convenor)
School Interface (SIF)Mr. FUNG Ho Keung, Andrew (Convenor)
兩校中文教育組Mr. FUNG Ho Keung, Andrew (Convenor)
Project Teams
Education Development (EDP)Mr. TAI Keen Man (Convenor)
Mrs. LAM FAN Kit Fong, Fanny (Deputy Convenor)
Mr. LEUNG Shiu Keung (Deputy Convenor)
Life and Career Education Project (LEAP)Mr. LEUNG Ka Yau, Kevin (Convenor)
Mrs. CHAN WOO Mei Hou, Nancy (Deputy Convenor)
Ms. WONG Lai Wah, Louise ((Deputy Convenor)
Membership Development Team (MDT)Dr. NG Hon, Victor (Convenor)
Mr. LO Chi Ming, Jimmy (Deputy Convenor)
Parent Education TeamMr. TAI Keen Man (Convenor)
Ms. KWOK Fung, Carina (Deputy Convenor)
Ms. Flora LeungExecutive Director
Ms. Annie WongExecutive Officer