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Our Sponsored Schools


Both of our two schools are under the Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) forming a through-train model. They are closely linked and consistent in their educational beliefs, curriculum development, and learning and teaching pedagogy, with the Four Cornerstones of the Foundation serving as their guiding principles:


Sponsored Schools

Our Schools Emblem

The Star stands for:

  •  Leadership and inspiration
  •  A child dancing with delight of learning
  •  A new mode of quality education in the new millennium
  •  Dynamics, energy and creativity

The school logo is designed by BPR Advertising Co. Ltd. Special thanks to Mrs. Annie Liang Bentley, Chairman of Bentley Porter Novelli Ltd. 


School Motto

Our School Motto

  • Strive for Virtue
  • Quest for Truth

The Chinese school motto is composed by Professor C.Y. Sin, Professor & Head of Department, Department of Chinese, HKU. The Chinese characters are hand - written by Professor T.I. Jao, Honorary Professor, Department of Chinese, HKU. Special thanks to Professor Jao and Professor Sin.