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Education for the Future

Do you often wonder where the world is heading and what the future holds for your children?


Are you concerned whether your own children and the next generation are receiving an education that will enable them to cope with the rapid changes of the 21st century globalized world?


HKUGA Education Foundation

Hong Kong University Graduates Association Education Foundation (the Foundation) has a vision for educating our children for the future and we welcome like-minded individuals to join us in our endeavours and contribute their expertise and resources to a worthwhile cause. The Foundation was set up in 2000 as a non-profit-making organization by a group of alumni of The University of Hong Kong (HKU) with the support of various sectors of Hong Kong society. Our current membership comprises education practitioners, professionals and business executives, and extends well beyond the HKU alumni circles.


The Foundation enables our members and associate members to:

  • Get involved in sponsoring schools that match our educational ideals
    The Foundation has set up two schools under the Direct Subsidy Scheme, both of which are now popular choices with parents. Some of our members participate actively in the work of the Foundation and the schools through our committee system.
  • Maintain a dialogue with educators, professionals, business executives and government officials on the best way forward in educating Hong Kong’s next generation:
    The Foundation organizes forums, seminars and conferences to review local reforms in education and to discuss policy and developmental issues of major importance.
  • Participate in the collective efforts with partner organizations to contribute to the development of education in Hong Kong
    The Foundation has plans to collaborate with HKU, the Education Bureau, other educational institutions and business organizations to co-organize a range of education projects, e.g., teacher development programmes, book publications and topical research, and to help build a closer partnership between the education sector and the business/ professional sectors.
  • Keep abreast of the recent educational trends in Hong Kong and around the world
    You would receive regular informational materials, e.g. eNews, circulars and education articles, and get to know more about the pioneering experiences and best practices in education through participation in our seminars, conferences, school visits, and other activities.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities and are willing to contribute some time and effort to enhance local education, you are welcome to join as one of us.


Schools sponsored by the Foundation

HKUGA Primary School

The first primary school on Hong Kong Island under DSS, which commenced operation in 2002 with the mission to “nurture lively, inquiring, discerning and creative students”. (Website:


HKUGA College

A DSS secondary school which opened in 2006 with the mission to “provide a holistic education in a predominantly English environment in which students can discover the joy of learning through hard work, perseverance and creativity. By offering care, encouragement and positive reinforcement, the College helps students develop the capacity for empathy and become responsible, compassionate, inquiring, linguistically competent, knowledgeable and globally minded people who contribute to the community”. (Website:


Both schools are closely linked in their operations and consistent in their educational beliefs, curriculum development, learning and teaching pedagogy and, as their guiding principles, have adopted the Four Cornerstones of the Foundation:

  • Integration of passion and professionalism
  • Integration of the Eastern and Western cultures
  • Integration of the school and the family
  • Integration of the school and the society


How is the Foundation organized ?

The Foundation is managed by an elected Executive Committee through its six sub-committees:

  • School Affairs
  • Education Development
  • External Affairs
  • Membership
  • Investment
  • Finance

The responsibility for the day-to-day affairs of the Foundation rests with the office bearers, comprising a Chairman, one or more Vice Chairmen, a General Secretary and a Treasurer, and is supported by a secretariat headed by an Executive Director.


Joining the Foundation

You are welcome to join the Foundation by applying as an Associate of the Foundation (who may at a later stage be invited by the Executive Committee at its discretion to become a Member of the Foundation).


 Associate members of the Foundation
Entrance Fee$1,000
Plus Annual Subscription
from the 1st year onward

*Annual subscription for each Associate is due on 1 January in each calendar year. Those admitted between 1 January and 30 June pay the full subscription ($500), while those admitted between 1 July and 31 December pay half of that amount ($250) for the first year.


Approval of an application is subject to the absolute discretion of the Executive Committee whose decision is final.


How to Apply

Please send the duly completed application form together with a crossed cheque payable to "Hong Kong University Graduates Association Education Foundation" by post or by hand to the HKUGAEF Secretariat Office at 9 Nam Fung Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.


In case the application is unsuccessful, the cheque submitted will be returned.



Any enquiry should be addressed to Hong Kong University Graduates Association Education Foundation, 9 Nam Fung Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.


Tel:  2240 6913/ 2870 8815    E-mail:    Website:

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