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2022 2nd Issue

Sportsday 2.0

Primary School
28 - 29 Jun 2022

Have you ever thought of participating in volleyball serve in the sportsday? Have you ever thought of playing the games of Active Arcade in the sportsday? The PS Sportsday 2.0 has been finished. This year, the sportsday 2.0 is comprised of different sports skill competitions (volley serve, throwing of ball and basketball dribbling) and the games of Active Arcade? It is fun and full of excitement. Fun Fun Walk is a special event. Students walk around the school for 2-3 laps and check-in different points. Students are highly engaged in every session. It wouldn’t be successful without the support of school, students and parents.

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Sportsday 2.0Sportsday 2.0Sportsday 2.0Sportsday 2.0