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Our Events

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Heritage Walk from Admiralty to Wan Chai

20 May 2023

The Foundation held the Admiralty and Wan Chai Heritage Walk on 20 May (Saturday). The event went well and 24 members and friends participated.


This heritage walk began at Admiralty, letting participants view or visit heritage sites, historical buildings and cultural attractions including the Hung Shing Temple, “Government House”, old Wan Chai Market, Blue House and Pak Tai Temple. Participants also paid a visit to the works of the world's top three architects in Admiralty, the "Arsenal", the site where the first Catholic mass in Hong Kong was held, the first cemetery in Hong Kong and the first location of a power plant.


The heritage walk was guided by Mr. LO Chi Ming, a senior friend of the Foundation, who shared clear and interesting ideas and details, allowing participants to gain a deeper understanding of the protection of historical sites and the promotion of cultural tourism. Participants expressed that they benefited a lot from this event and looked forward to participating in similar events in the future.