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School Anti-pandemic Care Action

31 Mar 2022

We have all witnessed the devastating situation that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing the community. Among the most hit are the underprivileged communities of the aged and the young. While the Government is actively combating the impact, we can’t help but ask ourselves: what can we do to help, albeit in a small way?


In late February, among other things, the acute shortage of COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits to the needy had been identified as urgent. Perhaps, as an education foundation with limited resources, we could offer to help our fellow schools with students in need. On 20 February, we initiated the project "Hong Kong University Graduates Association Education Foundation - School Anti-pandemic Care Action" to raise funds for the purchase of test kits to support schools with students from less privileged families. It was encouraging that Hong Kong University Graduates Association (HKUGA) became a supporting organization for this project.


Members promptly responded. The first and second batches of test kits totalling 10,840 swiftly arrived at 22 schools. The beneficiary schools were all grateful for the timely care, and some principals told us it really helped the school in meeting an urgent need.


At the end of February, the Education Foundation got further support from members and friends for the Care Action. We purchased 13,600 sets of kits for the 3rd batch of schools - 30 special schools, most with boarding. There was a large demand for anti-pandemic materials as these schools had to take care of many students who would have to stay in the dormatories even during the special school vacation. 400-800 kits were delivered to each school in early March.


The beneficiaries are outlined as follows:

  • 1st Batch: 14 secondary and primary schools
  • 2nd Batch: 8 special schools, many with boarding
  • 3rd Batch: 30 special schools with boarding or special services

This project has raised almost 400 thousand dollars, contributing about 25 thousand test kits to 52 schools. The Education Foundation would like to extend our gratitude to members and friends who have ardently supported the project.